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Netrunner Rules

Finding the right/official/complete Netrunner rules can be a bit confusing for new players, especially if you like to run a tournament. This is due to the fact that the game has never received official WotC DCI sanctioning and tournament support (rules updates, ranking lists and so on).

Fortunately, Netrunner rules and rulings still have been improved significantly over time based on the efforts of the Netrunner community and the Top Runners' Conference (TRC) official players' organization.

For reasons of completeness, we have listed all historically and currently available rules' documents on this page. However, we recommend just to use the official rulebook and the TRC rulings for normal gameplay, and additionally the TRC Tournament Rules for tournament play.

1. Official Netrunner Rulebook, Errata and F.A.Q. (from WotC, 1996)

  1. Rulebook: Netrunner Rules v1.0
  2. Errata to the above rules: Errata v1.0
  3. Netrunner F.A.Q.: F.A.Q. v1.0

2. TRC Rulings, Run Flow Chart, Tournament Rules (from TRC, 1996-2001)

  1. Rulings by the TRC Rules Sensei, Holger Janssen: TRC Rulings v1.70.
  2. Run Flow Chart to help beginning players handle the process of a run: Run Flow Chart
  3. Latest Tournament Rules published by the TRC in 1998: TRC Tournament Rules
    (introducing the Tournament Point Scoring System, also known as Game-Match-Point/GMP-System)

3. DCI Tournament Rules (from DCI/WotC, 1998-2006)

  1. Old combined DCI Netrunner Standard Floor Rules, 1998
  2. Latest DCI Netrunner Floor Rules, 2000, in conjunction with the following universal DCI rules:
  3. Current DCI Universal Tournament Rules, 2006
  4. Current DCI Penalty Guide, 2005
You can always find the latest universal DCI rules at WotC's DCI page.