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Netrunner Programs

Over the years, a lot of Netrunner programms have been written and developed, mostly by private fans of the game. Unfortunately, many of these programs don't exist anymore due to lack of support or official license issues. From those that are still working, here are the most important ones:

  • The Big Frackin' Guide to Netspace (BFG): Netrunner card database program with a rich set of features in a small, tight application. Last update 2006. Copyright by Grant Elliott of Durban City Grid, South Africa, with corrections by Ryan Seney. Download
  • Sealed deck generator for Starters and Boosters including Proteus and Classic. Last update 2002. copyright by Lukas Kautzsch of Karlsruhe City Grid, Germany. Download
  • Magic Workstation: Program to play Netrunner (among other games) online over the internet. Download the program from the Magi-Soft Homepage, then add the Netrunner card database (with or without images) from MWS Games & Manuals. You find further instructions there on how to install and play Netrunner with MWS, and some help is available in the support forum. Note: The Netrunner card database download links are sometimes not working properly. We mirrored the Netrunner database without images download on our site just in case.
    There is also a new website to support Netrunner online play with MWS: Runners' Net.