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Neal's Last Words


Neal's Last Words

by Byron "Neal" Massey

Sevens, Mark II

Programs (8) Preps (16) Resources (22)

1 Afreet
1 Baedaker's Netmap
1 Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker
1 Crumble
1 Imp
1 Joan of Arc
1 Newsgroup Filter
1 Skullcap
8 Livewire's Contacts
7 Valu-Pak Software Bundle

8 Fall Guy
7 Technician Lover
7 The Short Circuit

I've been reworking the idea of speed setups. I decided I was willing to play with Bartmoss/Joan, since most of my opponents feel no guilt when fast-processing a Tycho Extension or Corporate War. There is some risk involved with a Bartmoss/Joan breaker suite. If you roll a "1", you have to decide how important the run is. I've lost games using an unprotected Bartmoss when I thought a run was essential.

"If you need a surprise, you can sell off extra resources on the newsgroups and create an instant fortune." I changed the strategy of Sevens to include The Short Circuit. That means you only need a single copy of each program, and since Joan of Arc is available, you shouldn't have to worry about program trashing. A Viral Breeding Ground could still be trouble in the late game, however.

The idea is to Short Circuit for the Afreet and Newsgroup Filter as quickly as possible, then use Valu-Pak Software Bundle to install the rest of the programs after you get them with Short Circuit. Hopefully you can then draw for Fall Guys and Technician Lovers (if they aren't already in your hand). The Crumble is included to discourage fast-processing cards like Systematic Layoffs.

The can be a nice surprise. After you are set up, you can keep drawing for Livewire's Contacts and install multiple T-Lovers, Short Circuits and Fall Guys. If you need a surprise, you can sell off extra resources on the newsgroups and create an instant fortune.

Other than those differences, this Stack should play a lot like the original version of Sevens. The speed is comparable but Mark II should be a little more powerful and robust.

Let me know if you think of any improvements for this Stack. It's not unbeatable but it should set up guickly. The install cost is 17 bits, 15 if you use two Software Bundles.