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Cortical Scrub: By a Hare's Breadth

(Beginer Level)

by Jens Kreutzer

After a long game between you and the nefarious Corp, it's showdown time once more. Thanks to your trusty SeeYa program - which you overwrote last turn with a Clown - you are quite aware of the Corp's plans for the next turn: putting three more advancement counters on its partially advanced Security Net Optimization to score it and win the game. Incidentally, the 3 agenda points you'd get for stealing the Optimization would be enough for you to win the game, too. You have just this one turn left to snatch that agenda, or the Corp will have bested you. Here's what's visible in netspace right now (all ice is rezzed unless noted otherwise, listed innermost to outermost):


HQ: 33 bits; no agenda in hand, but any other five cards you like.
Ice: Data Wall 2.0.

R&D: Ice: Cortical Scrub, Banpei, Wall of Static.

Archives: Lots of cards, but no agenda.

SDF1: Security Net Optimization with two advancement counters.
Ice (all three unrezzed, but exposed with SeeYa): Any sentry, Haunting Inquisition, Data Wall 2.0.

Runner (You)

Bits: You're broke!

Stack: 0 cards

Trash: SeeYa on top, Weather-to-Finance Pipe below it.

Hand: Clown, Zetatech Software Installer, Rabbit, Security Code WORM Chip, Weather-to-Finance Pipe.

Installed Programs: Wild Card (with a Pattel Antibody counter so it has strength -1), Clown, Codecracker, Jackhammer.

Installed Hardware: WuTech Mem Chip.

Installed Resources: 1 hidden resource, Junkyard BBS.

You have four actions left and no bits. The sentry ice on SDF1 is part of the puzzle: Choose any one you want, as long it has a strength of 3 or more, explicitly ends the run, and is not AP ice. How can you manage to grab the agenda, and what must the hidden resource be to make this possible? Remember that the Corp has lots of bits and will spend them happily to make life as hard as possible for you.
Good hunting!

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