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State of the Corp - December 1999

by Jennifer Clarke Wilkes

What can I say? Just in time for Christmas, every Netrunner fan's dream has come true at last. Welcome to the new millennium, Netrunner Classic! The worldwide prerelease series suffered some unfortunate problems, but despite that we saw turnout far higher than that of this spring's World Domination qualifiers. Interest in the game certainly is on the rise again - just check the number of subscribers to Netrunner-l. Once again I want to thank all of the fans who worked so hard to keep the flame alive. You all deserve this.

But we can't take things for granted. If we don't keep up the interest and increase the player base, there will be no incentive to support this game. The Classic expansion will be seen as a "bone" for the fans, and Netrunner will again languish without official promotion. So keep teaching, putting on events, and of course buying Classic! I for one have already put in an order for a couple of cases, and visions of Rent-I-Cons are dancing in my head.

The new millennium will also see a new dedicated manager for all of the Classic games, Mr. Ryan Miller. He's energetic and excited about supporting these games, and I am looking forward to working with him in the new year. My goal is to get a second mini-expansion set in 2000. But we'll all have to work to make this happen.

But for now, it's play time! I'm off to make that Gypsy deck. . .

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