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Frisky's Corner

by Frisco Del Rosario

Quest for Jamocattekin -- Searching for new ideas over ice cream

The recent days in the San Francisco Bay Area are long and hot. I would like to share with you some of the thinking I did over two scoops of Baskin-Robbins Jamoca. Proceed at your own risk.

I overheard a discussion of the construction of cool decks. The more experienced player suggested that a good place to start exploring would be in corporate agenda. He said that the newer player should look for novel ways to advance agenda, or use the agenda's special ability.

In time for next week's tournament -- with its "cool deck" prize -- I wish to enliven the Data Fort Reclamation agenda.

The four-difficulty, two-point Gray Ops agenda rewards the corporation 10 bits for the construction of a new data fort. Data Fort Reclamation compares unfavorably to the other four-difficulty Gray Ops -- Employee Empowerment's card-drawing reward and Corporate Retreat's windfall both seem to outweigh a Data Fort Reclamation, and they confer an additional agenda point, to boot.

The other drawback to Data Fort Reclamation is a big one. Precision Bribery nullifies Data Fort Reclamation's ability. However, in the absence of Precision Bribery, other cards from the Proteus expansion can maximize a Data Fort Reclamation score. A Reclaimed Sandstorm can be installed with four subroutines, Sphinx 2006 can be installed as a five-strength sentry.

Consider this: score Data Fort Reclamation, and install Braindance Campaign, and three pieces of payback ice. That pays 21 bits over time, and that's an outstanding bonus. Data Fort Reclamation favors Rockerboy Promotion over BBS Whispering Campaign.

I think it would be hilarious to install 10 bits worth of ice and a Viral Breeding Ground, and then blow the new fort up on the next turn.

Other ideas I kicked around:

Has anyone used the Pavit Bharat upgrade to haul a plain Grey Ops agenda away from a fort and replaced it with the Fetal AI ambush and a Red Herrings? Fetal AI is always cool, but to make it the business end of a Pavit surprise is new.

Scoring more than one agenda per turn wins style points. Just 25 bits are needed to Edgerunner two 4-difficulty agenda, and Project Consulting both of them. Install Corporate Negotiating Centers, Rustbelt HQ Branches, and New Galveston City Grids until you turn blue. Install a Panic Button on HQ, and hold the Main Office Relocations.

The other way to score multiple agendas in a turn is a chestnut -- six Executive Extractions, six Genetics-Visionary Acquisitions, and six Artificial Security Directors. I'm not convinced that this is cool, though -- any novice can score a zero-difficulty agenda, after all. You know, they have a name for this agenda set in the Northwest -- they call it "The Golden Eighteen."

The speed agenda do have a lot of creative potential, though. An Executive Extraction deck with a handful of Corporate Downsizings or Hostile Takeovers could gain a pile of bits effortlessly.

Speaking of Gray Ops, someone's gotta be first to find a use for Please Don't Choke Anyone. I think inexpensive damage ice like Laser Wire and Chihuahua are key.

Do the unexpected. Reduce yourself to zero bits by advancing an agenda, and then sell a counter to Raymond Ellison in order to rez three Red Herrings. Pile five Lesley Majors and a Bizarre Encryption Scheme on top of a Political Overthrow (and have the 25 bits necessary to pay for Lesley).


Frisky's Corner