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Netrunner Links

  • The Top Runners' Conference, website of the official Netrunner players' organization. Resources, tournaments, player lists; but hasn't been updated since 1999.
  • R. Talsorian Games, Inc., publishes the Dark Future roleplaying game Cyberpunk, which supplied the story background for Netrunner.
  • The Netrunner Weekly. Lots and lots of interesting stuff (card spotlights, decks, various articles), including the (now rather ancient) world ranking list. Hasn't been updated since 2000.
  • The recently re-rezzed Short Circuit, a classy site by Scott Dickie. Features the virtual expansion Chrysalid Matrix, the very enlightening Netrunner trivia collection, wise Sun Tzu of ancient China discussing Netrunner strategy, game reviews, interesting general strategy hints, some deck lists, and a page about NR on the Internet.
  • Neal's Last Words, a famous archive of great old Netrunner articles, written by Byron "Neal" Massey. So famous that we couldn't resist to save a complete archive copy and offer it in our articles section.
  • Netrunner CCG Trading: Probably the best place for - you guessed it - Netrunner trading at the time.
  • Argi's Netrunner Krumz. Features Argi's Virtual Expansion Repeat Intrusion Patterns, notes on designing new cards, a deck archive, the Netrunner timeline, and a few play variants.
  • Rob's Netrunner Node. Some articles and decks; do try out the random Sealed Deck generator.
  • The Black Sun, famous 'Runner hangout.
  • There is also a new website to support Netrunner online play with MWS: Runners' Net.