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What's Netrunner?
How To Start?
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How to start?

1. Get some cards

  • one double starter (60 cards for each runner and corp) is perfectly fine to start playing
  • you can add a few boosters (1-3) to compensate an unlikely shortage of certain card types, but this is optional
  • if you can't find new cards (likely because the game is out of stock), used starters are as good for playing as new ones
  • players already owning or aiming at a complete set of cards usually have lots of excess doubles, especially vitals and commons, to give away for very little money or even for free; just make sure you get a solid mixture of different cards and card types as explained before

2. Learn the rules

  • each Starter includes a rulebook including a sample game turn
  • if no original rulebook is available, read the online rules on this site
  • the best and easiest way is, of course, to learn the rules from an existing Netrunner player, if available
  • further rules clarifications and FAQ answers can be found in the download section

3. Find other players

  • not very easy, since the game is out of stock and without official support
  • not even the internet provides a large players network or online playability anymore
  • the best way is to recrute one or more of your usual gaming friends, or to run a demo session at the local gaming store

4. Play the game

  • enjoy!

5. Read some articles

  • read through the online articles on this website or follow some external links to find lots of beginners' guidelines for deck construction and gameplay as well as a massive archive of ideas for card combinations, deck strategies and playing styles

6. Subscribe to the Netrunner-L mailing list

  • If you have further questions or want to contact other players, you can subscribe to the Netrunner-L mailing list
  • Netrunner-L is the Netrunner mailing list set up by Wizards of the Coast in 1996 to promote discussion of and ideas about the game, thus it is probably the last remaining official game support
  • currently there are still several hundred people registered, but the overall activity has become rather poor lately
  • some of the best and most experienced Netrunner players still contribute to the list and can answer your questions
  • topics include ruling questions, tournament and demo announcements, game strategies, and gameplay stories
  • To subscribe or read the archived postings please visit the Interactive online Netrunner-L archive at WotC