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State of the Corp - June 2001

by Jennifer Clarke Wilkes

Systematic Layoffs continue at Wizards, and sadly, I am one of the victims. Thus, my exceedingly limited ability to assist Netrunner players with prize support, etc., will become nonexistent. My last day is July 13. I'm going to catch up on some stuff I've been owing people for a while, and I still have cool prizes for World Domination. I still plan to run a Northwest qualifier event, but without the questionable cachet of being a corporate drone. So, no more "State of the Corp" columns.

At this point, Zvi Mowshowitz is the biggest champion for Netrunner there is. I've been withdrawing from visibility, at least partially on purpose, given that my corporate clout has become nil and since private ownership of the game is a real possibility. I still plan to be a field supporter, though.

- "Jen of Arc"

This is a hard blow indeed for everybody involved. Jennifer, the TRC wishes you all the best luck for the future and thanks you a thousand times for all the support you have given Netrunner. We sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy the game, and that we'll see you around in Netspace as often as possible.


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