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State of the Corp - March 2001

by Jennifer Clarke Wilkes

A new year, a new century, a new millennium - and a new future for Netrunner. Spring is in the air, and renewed hope for the world's best trading card game is blooming along with it.

Three months ago, I had just about given up. The Classic expansion had been a failure, and Netrunner had no more chance of support from Wizards. But then a white knight (or should that be Green Knight?) came charging to the rescue from New York, and if all goes well Zvi Mowshowitz will bring this great game back with a bang. And what better time? The earth shakes in Seattle, and Netscape is trembling too.

I ran a tournament a month ago at a convention (ConSpiracy) in Mission, B.C. I was pleasantly surprised, not only to get participants, but that they came all the way from Victoria largely for this purpose! It's good to know that the players are still out there. And the fact that Proteus is nigh impossible to find suggests that people do buy the cards when they can.

So deepest thanks and best of luck to Zvi, and to all the people who are helping him make this dream come true.

    Jennifer Clarke Wilkes

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