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State of the Corp - September 1999

by Jennifer Clarke Wilkes

We have liftoff! The Netrunner Classic cardfile has gone through all approval stages and is now headed to prepress. We're on track for a mid-November release.

And what a long, strange trip it's been. Three years of fan devotion and butt-kicking have finally been rewarded with a whole new set of 52 cards. But we're not done yet! Now is the perfect opportunity to introduce a whole new crop of players to this wonderful game - and what better way than highly public prerelease tournaments? I'll be holding one in Seattle, of course, and I'm excited about the others that are in planning as I type this.

Sadly, since so many retailers and distributors had bad experiences with Netrunner in the past, there may not be a lot of stores selling the cards at first. It's up to us to show them that ordering Classic is worth their while by getting great turnouts for these events. But e-commerce is the way to go these days, and Wizards will have the new cards available for purchase from its online store as of the release date. I've already pledged to spend real money (not just employee freebies) on the new cards, and I think we'll be able to sell through quickly if everyone else who said so buys as well.

I'm thinking of a green and purple Christmas. :-)

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