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Gridlock Weekend III: Netrunner Classic Prerelease

by Jens Kreutzer

As you can see from Jennifer's article above, all of us are in for a treat this Christmas: The ever-so-long-expected second Netrunner expansion will be released at the end of November '99. It won't be called Silent Impact after all (but will use cards drawn mainly from the Silent Impact set), and it will only have 52 cards, but it's real. One of the most important goals of the TRC has been reached, and I think it's not too bold to presume that the TRC has been an important factor in these developments. So we have every reason for a little celebration, which will happen on the weekend from Nov 12-14.

Since Gridlock Weekend III was on the agenda anyway, the committee has decided to make it a Prerelease tourney for the new Netrunner Classic expansion. This means that a couple of days before the new cards actually hit the shelves, players can get a sneak preview in a Sealed deck tourney (one v1.0 starter plus four Classic boosters) and keep the cards. Playing against an opponent who might be using real cards you've never seen before will be an event that hasn't occurred in more than three years of Netrunner history. So check out where the GW III tourney closest to your place is being held, and enjoy. More information can be found on the GW III homepage.

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