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The Gatling Engine On Full-Auto

by Jens Kreutzer

In the many months since I last wrote about the Gatling Engine and, online Netrunner has really hit it off. Bugs have been ironed out, bit counters have been replaced by dice, and some complicated game mechanics have been integrated. Though it is still a "Beta" test version, the Gatling Engine Netrunner program is the best I've ever seen, and people are playing a lot. So, if you're looking for a game these days, head over to CCG Workshop, download the free software, and have a blast!

Though the main kudos go to Ed Mittelstedt (a. k. a. BugLaden) for creating the site, Eric Platel (a. k. a. toon_fr) has taken the lead of the Netrunner project. Thanks to him, the first online tournament has already taken place! I strongly suspect that the next World Domination championship will happen on CCG Workshop.

To give you the newest information on developments over at CCG Workshop, I thought that asking Eric directly would be the best idea. You can find out what he told me in the following interview.

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