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World Domination 2001/02 LDL Marauders:
Round One

by Jens Kreutzer

Though ailed by various delays, the World Domination Championships 2001/02 (dubbed LDL Marauders) are still very much alive! The Qualifier round has ended, and Round One is already underway. Before the matches on IRC can begin, however, the two planned meatspace events must be concluded first. The one in France is already finished, and with Frederic Chorein and Wilfred Ranque, we have the first two finalists! Congratulations. We are now waiting for the other tournament in Germany to get done, scheduled for January 12.

For those players still unfamiliar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat), this TRQ issue features an article on how to play Netrunner via IRC. Using the time till the IRC matches start to familiarize oneself with IRC might be a good idea, especially for Round One qualificants, but also for all other Netrunner fans who perhaps want to see the games live (and everybody is cordially invited to watch!).

All qualified players that have confirmed their intention to actually play in Round One, and who have not played in a meatspace Round One tournament, will then be divided into four (or maybe five) groups. All members of each group will then compete for one place in the Finals. The eight finalists will then play two mini-tournaments, one Sealed and one Revised Constructed. There will probably not be a time limit for these IRC matches ? World Domination 2001 has already turned into World Domination 2001/02, and we're all in for the fun anyway. Also, I think that playing international opponents is the main idea behind a World Championship, which is why I will see to it that each group (while being determined randomly) will include as many different nationalities as possible.

A detailed account of who has qualified (and in what way), and who has confirmed their intentions to play, is given in another article in this TRQ issue. Watch out for news on World Domination on the Netrunner mailing list and on the official WD 2001/02 webpage (in the Special section of this website).

If you have any questions or comments, just send me an email. I hope you will all enjoy the friendly competition! Thanks go out to Jennifer Clarke Wilkes for her generous prize support, still conjuring up hidden caches of goodies after official Wizards of the Coast support has long dried up.

Looking back at the past year, another champion of Netrunner, Zvi Mowshowitz, was thwarted in his valiant efforts of bringing about a rebirth of our favourite game. Admittedly, this was another great disappointment for us all, but perhaps not altogether surprising. Zvi, thank you very much anyway for your trouble and effort! It had the great side effect that some cards from Silent Impact were leaked as spoilers on Zvifs Netrunner R&D discussion list (on Yahoo!), which I'd like to publish here in the TRQ again soon.

Everybody, have a good and peaceful 2002, and as long as we keep playing and having fun, it doesnft really matter whether there is "official" support for Netunner or not.

Yours truly,
Jens Kreutzer
(TRQ Editor, WD 2001/02 Coordinator)

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