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World Domination 2001

by Douglas "Rabbi Small" Kaufman

It's that time of year again, when a young man's fancy turns to other exciting things. He probably doesn't give Netrunner a second thought when he's busy thinking about springtime - but maybe a little later, as spring becomes summer, he might start thinking about Gridlock Weekend and World Domination.

We've just begun the Gridlock process, and several key people are on board, willing to host tournaments and help out in some way.

What this means is that there will be a Gridlock weekend, and a World Domination Netrunner Championship this year. The only issues are how vast it will be, and what form it will take.

Lukas Kautzsch has reminded us that the format has been put down in writing once before; if you have internet access, you can read all about it here. Most of this information is specific to WD '99, but the essentials of the format are sound. We'll be choosing a three-person committee to organize the event. There will be a specific timeframe for qualifiers, round 1, and finals.

Official TRC/DCI tournament rules will be followed. The exact format is still to be determined, but will most likely be Sealed in qualifier and round 1 events, and Limited Constructed in the finals.

Various players from previous WD events, and various regionals and nationals are prequalified for WD round 1.

More information will be forthcoming, so don't unsubscribe from the Netrunner-l yet!

Doug Kaufman, TRC Chair

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